Monday, April 11, 2011

Little mommy and the dentist visit

Sophia is a new generation soccer mom. 

Toting her stuffed animals around. 

Bikes in the house, a winter necessity.

Sophia is our little nurturer. If someone gets hurt, she will go over and play doctor and give them a pat on the back. The girls put their little stuffed animals in their bikes and tote them around the house. We have a circle in our kitchen/dining that they ride around and you better put your toes away because if not, they will get run over.

Our week was pretty busy last week since we had to make up a lesson and some appointments that were rescheduled from when Ava and I were sick. We had dentist appointments on Wednesday night.

Cavity. Yes, I had my first cavity. Grimace.

I looked at the dentist and gave her my, "I don't think so sister. You're not going near my mouth with a drill look."

She didn't flinch. She must get that look a lot.

Ava had a ball though--she runs to the dentist's front door and can't wait to go inside. The dentist gave her a toothbrush and she got to pick out a toy from the treasure chest.

Ava in her dentist chair. This was her second time. 

And get her picture on the "no cavity" board...unlike mommy.

They even gave Sophia her own little bag and toothbrush.

Do you like going to the dentist office?


Jess said...

The dentist is my second biggest fear in life.... my first is equally as stupid. Slugs. In all seriousness I have near panick attack at the sight of a slug. God must have thought it was funny to give me two little boys who I'm sure will love all things slimy and gross.

Erin said...

Slugs-- I don't like them either. They look just like worms --slimy. Ava and I are slowly working out our worm fear.