Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shekinah Festival

Every year we attend the Shekinah Festival in Plain City. My sisters and brother went for a little while to the school and we had such good memories. At the festival there is a quilt sale, homemade goods and kids actitivites.

The girls and I went last fall and they loved the animals, pancake breakfast and riding horses. Momma Kuhns came with us and we had a blast. Everytime we go back it's like a big family reunion since most of my cousins and family live in Plain City.

 Momma Kuhns, Sophia and Ava
 When we first got there- can you say beautiful day!
 Ava and Sophia's favorite part was the petting zoo.
 All of the little piglets were watching the horse.
 Ava: "I want to hold that dog....hand her over...."
 Sophia watching the little kitties scurrying around.
 Pancake breakfast complete with blueberry topping!
 Ava finally rode a horse! So proud of her for conquering her fear of riding. She was a little cowgirl.
I love this picture-how pretty is that sky and that horse. You don't see many cheerleaders riding horses now do you?

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