Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Speed work? No thank you.


Do you ever have those mornings when you are tired and don't want to work out? 

Sophia has been getting up at night crying, which means I am pooped this morning. 

Which means I don't want to work out because I have to do this:

    Your Workouts for Wednesday, March 30

    Workout #1:  MILE REPEATS
    Type: Run
    Planned distance: 7.0 miles 
    Today you'll run repeats of 3 x 1 mile and cover seven miles total. 

    After a warmup, run one mile at 8:20/mile, jog two laps around the track (or a half mile) for recovery, and repeat this cycle two more times. Cool down afterward with easy running. 

    1.5-mile warmup
    3 x 1 mile @ 8:20/mile with 800-meter recovery jogs
    1-mile cooldown
Brandon and I are doing the Cap City Half Marathon and following a training plan from Runners' World. 

I did my first five miles after being sick for two weeks on Monday and it felt amazing. It was my easy day so I did five at a 9:48 minute pace. 

Brandon took the girls to the doctors to make sure they were okay after being sick and I went to Glacier Ridge and ran. 

During my run I was close to two deer who were only 10 feet away! And I saw a red-bellied wood pecker and lots of robins. Such a beautiful place to run. Brandon and I are going back this Saturday to do another five since it's a refresh week on our plan. 

 Post-doctor check-up with daddy -- calls for milkshakes
 This is like the fourth time i have been this close to a deer. They are so beautiful.
 How amazing is this day? Mile 2.5

 Sophia's first pigtails! Getting ready to go to Ava's gymnastics class.
 First pigtails for Sophia
 Ava pumping 3 lb weights
Mom, do you see these muscles? 


Ali said...

I heart Glacier Ridge.

Erin said...

me too Ali!