Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smoothie Time!

Finished product. Smashing success.
Add a little juice at the end, if you want the smoothie sweeter. I just keep the smoothie mix in the fridge if we have extra and use it as a post-nap snack for the girls. Spinach, fruit, yogurt--when will your kids ever eat all of these things together?
Whole foods raspberries, banana, Stonyfield Plain Yogurt *less sugar, sparkling water and spinach.
Ava getting ready for smoothie time!

Ava and I are sick at home and it's hard getting her to eat good stuff so I got some fruit, spinach (trust me you won't taste it) and other ingredients and made a smoothie to enjoy in the sun.

We love smoothie time around here. You can literally stuff it full of healthy items so your kids will eat the good stuff. Pink straws? Even better.

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