Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ava at gymnastics

Doing a stand on the bars with Coach Karen at Integrity.
Ava in her new gymnastics outfit on the rings. She is amazing. She hangs on for a long time and then tucks her legs to her chest.

For Ava's birthday present Brandon and I thought it would be cool to give Ava a choice of a lesson for a gift. At first it was ice skating, but then Aunt Becca had the genius idea to tell her no, try gymnastics. Ava loves her coach and looks forward to going all the time.

The reason why she switched from ballet? Her older cousins who she adores and wants to be like. She always says, "I want to be big like my big cousins."

Our conversation went something like this...

Ava: "Mom, I don't want to do ballet anymore."
Me: "Um, why?"
Ava: "Ballet is boring."
Me: What? When did you learn boring.
Ava: Brad told me, "ballet is boring."
Love that.

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