Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Last few weekends in photos

We went blueberry picking with Ashleigh and her friends and came home with a ton of blueberries. Sophie requested blueberry pie so I used Martha's recipe for it. This recipe is the closest I could find to it -- I have her huge blue bible as I call it and that recipe subbed heavy cream for milk and did not include lemon. Not sure why. It also used just one TB of butter to dot, instead of two. 

Two Sundays ago we had the whole day to our family since we did church Sat. night. We had a great time with Ava and Soph's friend from gymnastics at our ACAC pool. 

Lighting up our foyer with this light I ordered at Shades of Light outlet! It takes an Edison light.  

We had bacon, red onion and fresh basil pizza on Friday that was so good. I used the Pioneer Woman's pizza crust recipe that is super simple and also added Pecorino Romano. So yum. I didn't have time to age it in the fridge (Cook's Country org. recommended this as the best way to proof dough). 

Ava and her french braid before gymnastics. 

Five minutes on the rowing machine after cardio before this. Whew. This was hard! 

We went to Urban Farmhouse this weekend after church. The kids ate all of my french toast! We really loved sitting on the patio since kids after church are famished and ready for nap. Loved the chill atmosphere and organic food. Brandon ordered the lox and bagels and said it was the best he ever had. 

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