Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sleeping like a baby

My little Ryder is getting big. He must be having a growth spurt because literally overnight his little self is growing out of his 12 months jeans. Boo.

And Sophie is growing out of her size 3 (she's tiny) jeans and Ava is getting so long that her shirts are showing her cute little belly. Insert extra money in the clothes budget line item this month huh! :)

I was talking with my mom the other day about Ryder and his sleeping. He had a rough night and was up from 8-10 pm and then two more times that night. It was rough.

Have you seen this article from Honest Toddler? It makes me laugh so hard. I died. I agree with the silent whispering threats and the immediate waking from bed.

Barbara Walters: So, you did hear your child crying. And you ignored your young. Why?
Mom (in prison garb): Well…uh…I just…I didn’t…*tears* I’m so sorry…
Barbara Walters: Daddy. Did you not hear your precious angel?
Daddy (in a straitjacket): Rack city *mumbling something inaudible* hello kitty *twitching*sippy cup cheese.
Brandon and I have always been pretty go with the flow for sleeping. We are strict about routines and bedtime, but if they get up in the middle of the night until about two, we know they probably need a diaper change, food during a growth spurt or are sick. Or teething. 

For some reason, Ryder has been sick for two months. The doctor said it was the bronchiolitis and that it takes a little while to clear up. Plus, he's teething. 

He's also walking a couple of steps and putting everything in his mouth. I died today at the park when he jugged half a pail of sand in his mouth. 

Do you have a strict bedtime routine or are you more go with the flow? 

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