Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marathon training is upon us

I kin'dve love this saying. It hits home as the surge of school is almost done and the realities of moving and being 500 miles away from our home state become more real.

Oddly, I know God shut our heart to living in Ohio. I felt Him say as we walked into church one summer that our time was done there. So when the opportunity came to move in October we talked about it.

It was like, wow -- God's timing that we were both on the same page with moving to another state.

God has blessed us by providing awesome babysitters, some new friends and even a small group and church. I am in a bible study at our church and Brandon has enjoyed his new workplace. Sophie loves her preschool and Ava really enjoys school and gymnastics.

This month they are taking swim lessons too.

And drumroll...Ryder is turning one! Holding back the tears ladies because he is my little sweet boy who is terribly ornery. He gets this little lip thing going when he's thinking about being ornery.

For the next couple of months I am building base mileage and then training in July for the November race. Today I ran five and yesterday I ran a quick warmup/cool down and a fast mile (7:49) to see where my speed was (no where :) and a pilates class.

Can't wait for post-workout pickles and chocolate milk popsicles. And I have to admit I love a good beer too after running. It hits the spot.

Question: Have you ever run a marathon? Are you ever going to? What is your favorite post workout food?

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