Sunday, May 12, 2013

10 year anniversary and Kuhns family visit celebration

Celebrating our 10 years together at Pasture in Richmond, VA. It was so yum! The fried okra,  chorizo meatballs and clam ceviche was the best. And we loved the jars water was served to us in. 

Brandon and I at our anniversary celebration. 

These chairs reminded me of the Young House Love chairs and they were numbered. So cool. The spot had vintage maps and chalkboards. My kind of place.
Besides celebrating our anniversary, we had a great time this weekend with our family who was in town visiting. Ethan, Charlie, Luke and Kelly came and shared "four days" as Charlotte pointed out at the beginning of her stay. She did a countdown each day.

The kids really loved seeing each other and acted like long lost friends. Ava and Ethan usually buddy up and Charlotte and Soph hang out and try to keep their toys from being sequestered from the older kids. We joke that Charlotte and Soph are frenemies, meaning, sometimes they have a good time together while other times they fight. Seriously though they had a blast this weekend.

On Thursday and Friday we wasted no time and hit the pool since it was 80s outside. It was glorious. The weather helped us feel like we were on vacation. Sophia swims like a fish and I can't wait to see how good she does in swim lessons. Girl has no fear.

We visited Maymont, a beautiful garden and estate on Saturday and it was gorg. We enjoyed a picnic on the lawn before going through the park. The weather and walk had animals, gardens and giant stepping stones. The icing on the cake was the snow cones!

Aunt Kelly 


So didn't plan these colors but love it! 


Ry Ry 

Ava had her best friend back

Ry Ry thinks he's big stuff drinking a juice box.

Mom time! 


Charlie by the goats

Snow cone city at Maymont

family pic with the Kuhns

These stepping stones kind've rocked!! 

Sweet family that we love! 

family shot with my besties

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