Monday, September 10, 2012

My two men: Three months and a 100 mile bike ride

Little Ryder is 3 months! Here is his little buddy monkey. 

What you do when you have a housefuls of girls - use barbies as teething toys. 

One of Ryder's fav toys from my mom. 

Everything goes in his little mouth. 

Brandon reached his goal by biking 105 miles in one day. Way to go Brandon! Very proud of you. 

Note the sweet bike jersey I gave him last year for his bday.

Ryder is three months and teething. He is grasping for things, cooing and laughing and sleeping from around 9-5/6 am. His naps are shorter, which can be difficult when the girls are not napping either. Really miss those two hour naps the girls use to take. That's been the roughest thing.

Ryder also is remembering people like his grandma and his sisters. He loves to play with them and I think the girls are realizing better how to interact with him. They like to ask him if he's okay or happy or sad and they love to try to make him take a bottle -- to which he just giggles and bites the bottle tip. He threw up his rotavirus vaccine and seems to have a gag thing so we just gave it to him again. And he has had quite a few blowouts lately that have been very forceful.

He loves to watch plants or tree leaves move and is very content.

We are so proud of Brandon too! He finished his 105 mile bike ride where he started in London, Ohio on the rails to trails bike trail. He took a vacation day and completed it with his friend. Very proud of him! He took cliff bars, 4 water bottles and was exhausted when he came home.

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