Thursday, September 27, 2012

Holy homemade microwave popcorn

Sophia with her special popcorn we made for a reading snack. Our friend Heather introduced us to this cool method of making your own microwave popcorn with only 35 calories (except more because I add butter). She loved it! 

Fill a brown bag with about a cup of corn kernels and add pat of butter and wrap rubber band around a brown bag. Microwave for 3 minutes or until you hear no more popcorn. Cheap and healthy! We love to add salt and parm cheese. 

These are just our favorites. Chocolate milk popsicles with frozen bananas. Soo good. 

Healthy eggplant caprese! I made an eggplant caprese hamburger. Mmm! Slice japanese eggplant in small slices and add olive oil, salt and pepper. Grill eggplant first and then when finished add mozzarella and sliced tom. Cover grill with lid and let melt for one minute. Add basil and enjoy a healthy eggplant parm. 

Ava rocking the towel head look! She feels like a big girl with her towel. 

Long runs are back. Well, sort've. Last Saturday I ran 7.5 for  the first time in awhile.  I did it in 10:08, which is pretty good because I bit it hard at mile six. I had leaves in my hair at the end of the run from falling. I usually do long runs around 9:40, so not running long has made my times slower. My speed sessions are in the 8s min/mile right now.  Hungry runner girl just did a post on increasing mileage.

Nursing Ryder has made working out an adjustment because I am always hungry and eating enough calories when I run is not always easy. Also, I am just tired at the end of a long day. So, I am aiming for quality workouts over quantity. This means four workouts at least per week, 1 tempo/speed, hill, 1-2 easy, and 1 long. My favorite workout right now is speed workouts on Tuesday because I see the most progress. Also, I am incorporating swimming laps, which is so good for loosening muscles and working core muscles.

I have to be good with increasing fitness, while not seeing a weight loss since I am "stuck" because of nursing. Those last pounds are holding tight until Ryder starts solids and weans next May. Right now I tell myself that my body is taking care of two people and it makes holding the weight feel better. I am doing workouts where I am burning almost 900 calories (long runs), I eat healthy, and still don't loose it. I have the nursing curse of holding it until I am done.

Future goals
Brandon and I would love to Cap City and then a marathon next year. It would be our first marathon and Brandon wants to do it together. Maybe we could run the "slacker marathon" in Colorado sometime. Have you seen it?

What's your favorite workout of the week? Speedy Tuesday or Saturday long run days
What's your favorite snack to watch TV with? Mine is hot chocolate or chocolate

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