Thursday, September 27, 2012

End of summer pics

Celebrating princess Charlotte's 4th birthday at her party. Yum!! We had an awesome taco bake that Kelly made.

Ethan and Ava at Der Dutchman after Blitz fest. 

Ava and our little cousin Garrett at Amber's house. We had a great lunch and Amber is pregnant again. Congrats Amber and Brian!

Ava and her Cinderella doll and her first tooth that she Lost! She is so big! The tooth fairy may have had to covertly slip money under her pillow after forgetting the night before. Hey, it was our first tooth. 

What's a party without a mass handstand with your sister Becca and Luke. 

Luke put in this storm door. This is my joy as it lets in so much light. 

We met Tommy and Ann at Benny's this year. They were the first people to introduce us to Benny's pizza and all of it's glory. The girls danced and had fun and it was great to see my college suitemate! 

Good times. Ann and I met at college and she married one of my good friends and moved back to Ohio. Arkansas' loss is our gain. Now to just get Sarah to move here. :) She is holding Liza.

Lola, Soph and Ava had so much fun dancing even though there were a few bumps. Dancing is dangerous work. 

We traveled to Dayton, Ohio to cheer on our friend Dave at his second marathon. It was hot and he did great! I kept saying to Brandon that he was running for the time it took us to travel to the event, watching it and then traveling to the finish line to watch him. That's just crazy. So many dedicated runners along mile 23, from the 6-minute milers to walkers. Dave did awesome! 

Great job Dave!! 

Little Ryder is almost 4 months. His very favorite things to do are suck on anything, laugh at the girls and put his blanket over his head. When he puts the blanket on his head he flails around like he's suffocating (I kid you not) and this had led to many scary episodes. But, he always laughs when I take the blanket off his face so he enjoys it. He's the Sophia and Brad of swimming. They both like to act like they are "drowning," but they are having a blast. Geesh. It makes my heart jump. 
Ava and her new gymnastics outfit. She loves gymnastics and is in Hotshots. She is working on her cartwheel right now and her favorite apparatus are the uneven bars.

This weeks it has been raining every day. We love to go on rain walks or play with the umbrella outside. Yesterday we got caught in a downpour on the way back from the park. It was pretty fun. :) 

Jess is actually having a girl, but she didn't know before the marathon and loved the sign. 

Molly, Jess and I cheering on Dave at mile 23. 

So...I have decided that french press coffee is just so yum. It's only 20 for the press and makes unbelievable coffee. Our last coffee pot that we got for our wedding was $80. 
Who me? Those blue eyes and cute lips are waiting for us every morning. 

The kids love playing at our church in the arcade since we meet in a movie theater. We brought donuts one Sunday from Der Dutchman that were a big hit. Ava, Sophia were with Georgia, Eli (and Jude), and the Oswald cuties. 

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