Friday, August 03, 2012

When you were 8 weeks old

You loved snuggling with daddy at Starbucks. 

You weren't a fan of your hat. 

Camping made you really tired. 

You loved being held by aunties-here's aunt Becca.

Ryder is getting so big. He's 9 weeks old and growing fast. And he's started sleeping from around 9-9:30 pm until 4-6 am! Having him sleep this long is so nice.

Ryder is also starting to love interacting with his sisters, unless sissy (Soph) gets into her crazy moods. Then, he cries and you know she's around him trying either to put lotion on his head or "change" his diaper. Be afraid Ryder, be very afraid.

Ava is a great little helper and even can change his diaper. She really enjoys holding him and singing to him in her little voice.

I get the question, "how's it going with three kids?" a lot and it is going good. Granted bedtime can sometimes be hard if the girls wake him up. And getting lunch for them, feeding Ryder and then feeding myself is hard. Many times we have eaten dinner at separate times since Ryder seems to want to eat right when we all sit down to eat.

He's also standing up with help, cooing, tracking objects and doing tummy time. He usually eats around 4 or 6 am.  and then eats every hour until 11:30. I think he's storing up for his long nap and since he is sleeping so long at night. He cluster feeds at in the early evening, which can be hard to plan outings. But, I would rather he cluster feeds and sleeps!

Not sure if it's nursing or running, but I can't get enough sleep. I have been going to bed at 9 or 10 almost every night. Sometimes I do wonder if I will always be this tired with kids, baby and housework. I know it gets easier after the baby is done nursing exclusively.

What about you? Were you always tired when you were nursing? Did you get your energy back after you weaned him/her?

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