Monday, July 09, 2012

6 week checkup and snuggles

Big news here...Little Ryder slept a total of 5 hours and 18 minutes last night straight! That's officially the longest he (and I) have slept in almost 6 weeks (hello, how crazy is that?).

This morning Brandon was pretty sick so I took Ava to VBS, she was so excited, and then Soph and I had a picnic at the park and headed to the doctor's with Ryder for my six-week checkup.

Everything went great and I am pretty much cleared for swimming and biking now as well as running.

How much do you love this idea for a baby shower on KERF's blog? Bringing the parents six packs of craft beers at a shower.


I would love to copy this sometime because I know we would love it. We don't have date nights right now since Ry Ry is still pretty little and our date night is sharing a beer on the porch.

Snuggling with him right now and it's the best. He's getting so chunky.

Ava and Sophia are doing really well. Soph always cracks up with her expressions and her cheerfulness and Ava is our little spy. She loves to be a spy with Ethan and has a little spy purse.

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