Tuesday, April 03, 2012

waddle, waddle

It's raining right now and the ducks are outside waddling and swimming down mill valley creek. Seems they aren't the only ones waddling right now -- I am too.

Prego waddle 

The 'waddle walk' started slowly and is now in full force as I have to manage around my belly. This baby is taking lots of room and even having the girls in my lap is getting more difficult. When I bend down to get something, I have to get the wide stance as I bend down. Getting out of the pool is more hard and takes a good ooopmh.

Last night I had a great walk around our walking trail - little more than 3 miles--and it was gorgeous outside. Brandon and I took the girls on a bike ride for about a mile and they loved it. I also ran a 3-mile trail run on Sunday afternoon at Prairie Oaks Park. It's a hilly park that has pretty trails. The uphills were hard but fun.

Brandon did an 8-miler (so jealous) and a long bike ride this weekend. So nice to have a free Saturday to relax and enjoy the day. We laid around and the girls and I sat in bed and read and watched movies #awesomefreeday.

Also, here's a link to last year's post on dying Easter eggs and making hard-boiled eggs if you are interested. Every year for Easter we dye eggs, color pictures about Jesus and Easter and try to tell the girls the story behind Easter. We also have them find their Easter basket on Sunday morning.

What are some Easter traditions you all have with your family?

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