Friday, March 02, 2012

Are you a yelper?

Are you a "yelper?" A yelper is someone who insists on looking on their Yelp app and finding the best place to eat even though it may be 10 miles away. I go by ratings, reviews and if it seems really local, fresh and yum. On our vacation this week Brandon and I had fun trying to find cool neat places to eat if we could. We found an amazing bahn mi at a coffee place (roast pork with marinated carrots, fried egg, etc) and pizza. On one of the yelper incidents I wanted to drive 10 miles for some famous NY bagels when Brandon shut it down. He wasn't in to driving 10 miles away from our place for bagels. What about you? Would you drive way out of the way for something really good?

Sophia and I were downtown and I immediately thought it would be fun to visit Pistacia Vera. It's a cute little dessert bar that is famous for its chocolate cookie (espresso powder?) and macaroons that have all sorts of fillings like nutella. Mmm. We had such a fun time and the colors were amazing. Just spending some girl time with Sophia was nice as well. She's a little sweetie.

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