Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Funny thing about that.

Remember that post about gymnastics? Funny thing. The very same week Sophia fell through the parallel bars and busted her chin open. She was fine and we took her to get it stitched, but the girl is feisty. She spit, yes, spit, at the nurse pract and had to be wrapped in a sheet and held down by three nurses.

Flash backwards to my younger years where I had to be held down by three nurses to get my vaccines when I was little. I still remember that day. And the milkshake my mom bought me afterwards. We carried on the "Milkshake tradition" by saying that if they ever have to get stitches or shots they get a shake.

We also got the nursery painted (mostly Brandon since i had to take Soph again to the doctors) on two Saturdays. We painted it moonshine gray and the upstairs bathroom.

Ava has been saying the funniest things. She has her little friends at preschool and tells me what they say. Sophia and Ava also loved having time with Momma Kuhns and Aunt Becca last week. They were so excited to get gum balls with Aunt Becca it was all they could talk about.

Robots. Robots are also very big right now. The girls like to dress up like robots with boxes, talk like robots and move like robots. As in, "Mom. Look. What. I. Am. Doing." It's fun to see their personalities blooming.

Week 27 in bullet points
  • Gained about a 1 lb.
  • Felt the baby kicking lots!
  • Very hormonal and very emotional. Cue crying at not-sad shows while feeling embarrassed and Brandon shaking his head.
  • Swam furthest I have ever swam! 1025 yards! This is okay by my doctor and actually a very great way to get exercise. I can feel baby kicking a little at first with the cold water and then he goes to sleep. I also put a water bottle at the end of the lane to make sure I get water. My next goal is to swim a mile (with breaks of course).
  • Had to go get checked out at the hospital and felt dumb, but hey, glad it was just round ligament pain. Jessie, my sister, said each baby is more and more painful in terms of ligament and pelvic pain. Totally agree.
  • End of week 27 - sun - Thank you Jesus! So needed and appreciated.
  • Crazy dreams and lots of resting at end of day.
  • Cravings? Hmm. Blizzard last week with butterfinger and fruit and beans. Also, any sweets.
And I made some chicken parm in our cast-iron skillet last Thursday. Just added brined chicken and added panko breading, homemade sauce and topped with mozzarella sauce. The cast-iron skillet made the sauce nice and bubbly. Mmm.

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Deni said...

See I miss everything moving away, I had NO clue you were pregnant again! And the girls, I can't believe how big they are!