Monday, March 26, 2012

A week of beauty!

Pear trees blooming

3 milers at Glacier Park at sunset - beautiful

Tons of birds and beautiful water 

Pool time in march - fun times and suntan

Surfer girls hopping on their kick boards  

Feeding fish at Antrim Park before our 32-week baby appointment 

New glasses + Ava = Ava wearing her sunglasses to bed 

Ava learned how to swing herself! She was pretty hot here - it was 80 at noon.

Sophia running away from a little boy on the playground who kept on wanting to play with her. She would give him her "Sophie scowl" and run to me every time he came by her. 

Summertime in spring

Our fun new swing set that I love because the girls have something to play on outside. And it will be great for the baby. This was on a 84 degree day in mid-march here in Ohio. 

The sun made little Sophie pretty tired. 

Sophia pushing her little baby "Fifi" on the swing

Fresh salsa - broil cherry tomoatoes, jalep, white onions, 2 cloves of garlic and add olive oil . Broil until tom. blister and then pulse in food processor until crushed. I always put in lime juice, kosher salt and strain out extra liquid. 

So fine with homemade tacos. Come to momma. 

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