Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is here!

Columbus is hot!

The pear tree is blooming, our tulips are coming out and the hyacinths are almost ready to bloom. 

This week in Ohio is hot. Yesterday our house got up to 78 and today the temp is supposed to be 81! The girls keep asking me if they can go swimming. 

It's that blaring heat that smacks you in the face while you are sitting outside. Yesterday the girls and I took a short nature walk and then made some crafts with our finds. We were going to make shadow art (putting different nature items on construction paper to make sun shadows), but it was windy. So we taped our findings on the paper. It was super simple and fun and Ava loved taping down the grass on construction paper. Sophia did it for about three minutes and was finished.

Brandon and I have also have been doing lots of yard cleanup, including thatching our lawn (love how it looks/feel after it's done), weeding the flower beds and we need to cut down the grasses by our house. 

On Saturday I did a quick run with Jess and then we met Della at Northstar Cafe in Clintonville. It was a gorgeous morning and the sun was just so nice after rain the past couple of days. It was really nice to catch up with the girls. I ordered a shooting star juice, which made me want to buy a juicer for the first time ever. The juice was half carrot/orange juice with fresh ginger. It filled my serious oj cravings. 

Brandon went on a bike ride Saturday (first one of season!) and then I got to meet little Amelia, Ann and Tommy's little baby who was so precious! 

We had a great chill weekend on Sunday after a long week. 

Ava is on "spring break" this week and doesn't have school, which is nice because I don't have to be rushing out of the door two days this morning. Whohoo! 

We are getting ready for Baby Ryder and I made a huge checklist last Friday to organize our projects and to-do items. We are now registered for the hospital, have most of his clothes in their drawers (huge project), and are working on organizing the girls' rooms next, including putting another closet rod in Ava's closet to have room for Soph's clothes. Any advice on making a room work for two girls is appreciated! 

This Thursday is our 32 week appointment. After this appt, I will have them every two weeks. 

Am I in denial? Is this kid coming out in as close as 5 weeks (37 weeks)? Gulp. That is just crazy since sometimes I forget that I am pregnant. 

On Saturday/Sunday I could tell baby was growing since I had that tight sensation on the top of my stomach. It feels like stretching and I used lots of lotion to make the skin softer. Also, my fatigue is back a little, but for the most part I am doing great. I am still exercising and trying to eat somewhat healthy. Brandon loved feeling Ryder kick very hard on Friday night. He was kicking so hard I jumped. Sometimes I can feel an elbow or his bottom. Love that little guy. 

This week I have a great recipe to share - cauliflower gratin - in honor of Brandon's love affair of cauliflower. It's pretty much the same recipe as zucchini/potato grain, but it uses thinly sliced cauliflower with panko bread crumbs. Mmm. 

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Brandon said...

I do love cauliflower! Weird I know.