Thursday, January 05, 2012

Empty Fridge Giveaway winner

Okay. Big fail. I announce a contest and then wait two weeks to post the winner. But in my defense the holidays and a broken keyboard sidelined my blogging attempts.

The winner was LaRonda Stauffer! She wins a five dollar gift card to Starbucks for her comment.

Today we had a great day. It started off a little later than usual, but we got Ava to school only 10 minutes late since we had slept in (always okay when you are pregnant.:) Soph and I went to the gym and I ran 4.2 miles and then did some free weights. While running, I was not into it at all until Owl City came on my Pandora. I love when songs motivate you to run longer.

I posted some early December photos like when my awesome brother helped us add sconces by the fireplace. After trying four different types of lights, we found these at Home Depot and Luke and Brandon both liked them. Sophia had a birthday and turned 3! She loved getting money from Aunt Rachel and Uncle Myles. And then we found out in early December that we were having a boy! We visited First Expressions at Polaris to do a private screening in a room with a big movie theater screen. The experience was extra special since I had been so nauseous 24/7.

Seeing our baby boy was just a big relief and made it real for the girls. At first the tech was not able to spot anything, while I could plainly "see" what we were having. So I was somewhat disappointed when she said we would have to come back in two weeks until another tech walked in and said she was 100 percent positive we were having a boy.

21 week update
Feeling really good! Sometimes I get tired at night and take more naps, but I am still running and eating normal foods. Baby boy is a straight up kicker. He kicks hard and it hurts. But, thankful that I am feeling good. Belly also is stretching out and getting bigger. This week baby boy is the size of a banana. And almost 1 pound.

Cravings-hmm. I crave chocolate and fruit. And of course the ginger salad from House of Japan. Mmm.

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Ali said...

Running 4+ miles at 5 mo. preggers? You are freakin' amazing.