Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First morning run!

On Monday I woke up and had my first morning run, pain free! I had done almost 7 miles on Saturday, but usually I have to wait until the later day so I can ice my foot. It was so nice to start again and have a morning start. I did 3 miles at an unknown pace -- just listening to the birds and my podcast, which was really nice for a change.

On Sunday we had the best dinner- Tyler Florence's recipe for pulled pork shoulder. Mmm. I halved the brown sugar and added in less garlic and it was scrumptious! It cooked in a le cruseut stone baking dish I got at TJ Max for $20!

Thanks Jessie for the tip!

Here's the recipe for Tyler's pulled pork sandwich. I used pork shoulder cut with the bone in. I added the green goddess dressing coleslaw on top. Mmm. The girls loved the corn on the cob.

Below is from the Cleveland Fab Food Show that mom and I went to about two years ago.


Ali said...

Erin - look at that picture of you from 2 years ago! You can tell that you've lost weight. You look so amazing, runner girl.

Erin said...

That was my nursing phase - I was a little nursing momma and my body never lets me lose the weight until after about 6 months out from nursing. Isn't that weird?