Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Covered bridges of Union County

On Sunday we visited Farmhouse Ice cream with the girls and then went to visit the covered bridges dotted all around Union County.
Brandon gets to see them on his cycling trips and we thought it would be cool to show the girls.

We talked about how cool it would be to create a cycling event for the bridge festival that would be around 60 miles or so. And a shorter one that would be 20 miles.

It was so much fun. Good clean fun.

The girls loved walking on the Pottersburg trail by the Pottersburg bridge, which was built in 1868. And we also had a great time making leaf bouquets.

There is an amazing Union Covered Bridge Festival this weekend in Marysville and Plain City. Here is the schedule. I would def. recommend this to anyone with young kids because you don't even have to get them out of their car seats to view the bridges. And the girls really enjoyed driving around with us. Another great kid festival is the Shekinah Festival also is this weekend! We visit almost every year and a great thing to do there is arrive early for the pancake breakfast and then head over to the petting zoo. If you enjoy quilting, there is an all-day auction.

You know that race I was supposed to do? Well, I woke up on Sunday just not able to run. My foot hurt still and I couldn't imagine running 13 miles with a sore foot and rain. I just couldn't do it. It's hard enough to run that far, let alone when your foot hurts like a motha. Weirdly though I read about a guy who had someone take a massage stick to his calves who had PF and it worked. So Brandon took my little french rolling pin and massaged my calves with my shouts of "holy mother!!" It hurt, but afterwards I am returning back to normal. I have an appointment with my doctor today and will see if it's okay to run again. We are doing the Air Force 10k next weekend. Can't wait.

And good luck to Kristy this weekend on the Union Covered Bridge 5K and Heather on her quest for Ironman domination (again) this weekend at the Ford Ironman Wisconsin. Heather- want full Ironman details when you return!

And Jess, Dave, Glenda and Andrew as they continue to train for the Columbus Marathon.

To celebrate the return of fall and the great blueberries we had, I made Martha Stewart's blueberry coffee cake. Oh my, it's divinely good. And I love how
the house smells like yummy vanilla and butter.

To make it a little lighter, I cut the streusel topping in thirds and add lots of almonds--it was perfect.

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