Thursday, September 29, 2011

costume swap

top imageThis is such a great idea!
We have lots of costumes, but some are for 2s and 3s, not a lot of fours.

Throughout October, Febreze has partnered with Macaroni Kid to participate in National Costume Swap Day™ events.

I am excited to provide 50 bottles of Febreze at Magic Mountain to giveaway during this great costume swap!

Do you have a need for costumes or have costumes you no longer need? I have a solution for you that is cost and time friendly!

At Magic Mountain (Polaris) on October 6th you can drop off your no longer needed costumes betwen 8:30am and 9:30 am and then at 10am shopping will begin!

You can find this event happening downstairs by the Toddler Gym, in fact, children can play for a discounted rate of $2.50.

If you have costumes you no longer and would like to donate for this event I would be thrilled to arrange a time to pick them up from you. Please contact

For the event details please click HERE.

For all the great Febreze product information and beautiful scents you can click HERE.

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Tonia said...

Are you going to this Erin? If so let me know. I think we might join you. E-mail me. ~Tonia