Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cbus Marathon 2011

Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon

Well, my sweet husband is going to play pinch hitter and take my spot for the Columbus Marathon. He's ready, his last long run is this week (12) and after his pacing me for the Air Force 10k, I can safely say he's going to ROCK it.

He was really strong during the 10k and could have done it in at least 10 min faster. He has a 50- mile bike race/ride next week on Saturday that we are going to cheer him on! And then the following weekend he has the Columbus Marathon Half. I already am thinking of getting the girls some shirts with Ava's cheer for Brandon, "Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Run Daddy Run!" We cracked up laughing after she said it.
RunFest Attendance Nearly Doubles!

I have never really cheered for a half or full marathoner. Any tips? I would love to see him multiple times, but not sure how to do that with crowds and two little girls.



Ali said...

I've got mile 10 covered!

Erin said...

The dreaded German Village--that's the mile I am always huffing at!