Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fav running socks

These are my all-time favorite running socks. They are Balega socks that were highly recommended from the Columbus Running Company. I had to use a gift card and bought two pairs, one for me and for Brandon before the Cap City Half Marathon.

Sidenote: And if you do need shoes, try the Columbus Running Company. They have the nicest people who are so helpful and take time to see if they shoe fits your feet.

The cool thing about the Balega hidden sock type is that they go up higher on the ankle so you don't get rubbage or sores that bleed while you run. And the cool thing is that you can wear them for two workouts even if you have a super sweaty run. Love that. They are $8, but even Brandon who is extremely thrifty loved them and proclaimed them his favorite.

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