Monday, July 18, 2011

Stay home Monday

Do you ever have those crazy weeks were you were so busy you blinked and forgot what day it was? Last week was a great week, but we are enjoying being home and getting some rest today.

Last week we did the following:
  • Ava had VBS at Northwest Presbyterian Church-amazing, amazing church. Thank you for the fun skits, lessons about Christ and singing. Ava had a blast. See this girl here? She reminded me of my sister Jessie, world-famous actress.
  • We went camping with church friends for 3rd year in a row. It was great, great fun. At first with the rain we thought we might have to head home. But we stuck it out through wind, lightening and thunder. Oh vay.
  • We went swimming with family at Marysville Pool at night on Tuesday. Fratelli's pizza and family fun? Yes please! (Note:my iphone cord is not allowing me to download pics...need B to check it out). Biked 11 miles, swam 550 meters.
  • Wed. laundry! And ran fast three miles!
  • Thursday - ran fast three miles with Jess - 8:38 average, about 4 miles with warmup, cool down. Went to farmer's market and bought fresh peaches, berries and corn. And got some great deals on clothes!
  • Friday - Our friend Tonia had us over for yummy bread pudding after we dropped Ava off at VBS and then we said goodbye to Olivia who was traveling to Indiana. Christina, Troy and Cale visited us that night and we drove to GiGi's for the Steam Thresher's Parade and later Deer Creek Lodge for Shmidt family reunion. Thank you Gigi for a wonderful parade party. The swag from the parade was amazing and the kids loved watching the tractors. Pink boots below are little Charlotte's, my niece. What a cutie. Cale is our little nephew and he loved the baton they passed out. Did you see how much Troy and Brandon look alike? Right, they look nothing alike-but they are both great dads! And really nice spending time with Christina.
  • Sophia and Ava loved seeing Momma and Poppa Shmidt and gave them lots of hugs.

Deer Creek Lodge was a great place for a family reunion. So nice to see family after so many months. There were trails, pools (3!), tennis courts, a beach and a golf course. The price was steep ($160.), but you had a lot of activities for the family and didn't have to leave the place at all. We made a gigantic "90" with the family at Grammy's bday party and Jess took our pictures.

A humid day, it was almost 90 degrees. So nice seeing the love between Grammy and Poppa. Sharon and I both remarked that Poppa's war stories reminded us of the book Unbroken. They are an amazing couple.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption [Book]

We swam and ate pizza after the sweet birthday party for Grammy (90!!).

I was excited to swim laps and got lots of laps in after doing about a 3 mile run in the morning. My times for runs are finally getting faster. The funny saying of if you want to run faster you have to run faster and longer is true.

Here is a great list from on running faster if you are interested. Remember having running coaches tell me to "loosen up!" don't run so tense at the Emerald City Quarter race. That was my first race and honestly, I was like - really? I am just trying to finish at mile 6 and you are critiquing my form? But, thankful for it now. Good advice.

#7 - Let your feet run in a circle - helped decrease running time immensely
#10 - Keep pushing - duh - but really, it's only going to hurt for a couple of minutes. You can take a couple of minutes of pain for that PR!

On Sunday, Brandon and I were blessed to have Sharon and Creston watch the girls so we could run together. Brandon didn't want to run on the road, so we ran about 4.5 miles on trails And these boys were intense. I was running in my sports bra sucking wind. My G2 was gone by the 3 mile point and I was soaked. But, man, it's so nice to have that time together. Usually, we take turns running and running together is such a treat.

Brandon was an intense runner. I was like, "Just focus on his feet!" "Stay close." We finished and then had brunch with the family and packed and went home!

  • Brandon's softball team almost beat Sharon Mennonite on Sunday and then we relaxed since Sissy (Soph) has a stomach bug that she has passed on.
  • No plans for today other than relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. And the girls are wearing their firecracker shirts they made at our July 4th tie-dye party.

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