Thursday, July 07, 2011

Still small voice

Thursday morning was a great day to run. I got in six miles with my friend Jess who drove over around 6 am! Jess is training for the Columbus Marathon in October, a great race to run. Anyways, we had a great time talking and it was so cool to see other women running together! We ended our run with coffee and stretching (reverse order) and were done and ready for the day by 7:30 a.m.

Then, I got some laundry done, dishes and went to the pool with friends, Jess, Sarah and Tonia. It's a hot 90 degree-plus day again. Makes for a great pool day! The girls always take a killer nap after the pool too.

Ava has been acting like a big girl lately. Today at the pool she told boys who were running to "WALK!" When I asked her why she said, "Mom, the lifeguard wasn't doing it." She is def. acting like the oldest sister. Very proud of her. She also loves to make friends and hang out with the "big girls."

Sophia is learning new words so fast she cracks us up. She copies what we say and then is always acting really goofy. Today she made a friend at the pool and was shouting the little girl's name everywhere. She really likes big girls too.

Yesterday I had lunch with great friends and then took the girls home for bed. But...they didn't nap. By 5 pm when Brandon got home he took one look at my face and then said, "Go do something hun." What a truly great guy.

I thought I would run after doing something but I went to Glacier Ridge and ran four miles, out and back. On mile two on the way back, a guy behind me started running past me, but I didn't want him to pass me so I ran faster and then after running for awhile almost threw up because of the heat. It was 90-degrees plus and I was out of water. Even running 3 miles you need to run with water in the heat. I had some, but I drank it halfway there.

After that I went to the foodie mecca, Whole Foods, and basked in the cheeses, veggies and yum salad bar ($2.69 for my whole salad). I even got a bunch of sunflowers for $4.99.

Swim night
On Tuesday night we had cleaned the house all day and stayed home so we headed to the pool. biked up and back (7 miles) and Brandon took the girls.

After 5 pm in Marysville it's only $3 per person and kids 4 under are free. I did almost 500 yards swimming in the lap pool and we all swam. Brandon and I entered into a healthy swim competition who could swim across the 50 meter lap without stopping.

We also stopped for Farmhouse Ice cream. Brandon and I get Banana Pudding Ice Cream and Sophia gets Superman and Ava gets Cotton Candy. Really nice ice cream shop in Mville with a train that goes around the room.

It's Saturday and we have had lots of great fun this week. It's just a week of lots of things going on. The girls are napping and we just went to a sweet bday party at the park.

I was telling Brandon how God really blesses us in the little, small moments of the day. A child running to see you, a gentle hug, a laugh, an ice cream nose, a sleeping baby, a brilliant sunshiney day. It's in those little moments that I feel God so close.

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