Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cooling off

Here are some fun photos of our times at the pool! We love going! We went with Amy and her girls, Isabelle and Caroline a little while ago and had a blast.

Stay cool today in the 100-plus heat Ohio. Nice to get an early run in with Kristy today. Thanks Kristy! Finally feeling little better after being sick this week.

If you are driving around, put some yum mint in your water. I love doing this. It's better than a sports drink and free.

We have been getting up super early every day and staying outside until around 9:30 am or so. Last night our family went to my mom and dad's and had frog legs, fried green tomatoes, pasta salad, and fresh peach ice cream I made with my Cuisinart. I liked the custard style, but would like to try just a plain ice cream style as well. The little chunks of peaches were amazing. I will post the recipe soon.

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