Friday, June 10, 2011

Jumping rope workout

The below workout looks killer and fun from Katie Rose Fitness. Is that weird? I love to challenge myself all of the time by, running, hiking, biking, or watching two kids who are killer with permanent markers and dirt :).

I found this awesome workout you can do sans gym outside in a lovely park. Try it and see if you can get under 21 minutes.

Do you have any fitness or challenging goals?

Some of mine include:

  • Get under 2 hours for a half marathon (2:09 PR)
  • Get under 60 minutes for a 10 K (1:09 right now) 
  • Try a marathon when kids are older
  • 35-miler when I turn 35!
  • duathlon/triathlon even though I have a deathly fear of open water and fishies biting my feet
  • hiking more 14ers
  • signing up to raft in Grand Canyon
  • 100-mile bike ride with hubby for our 10-year anniversary. 

This ain’t double dutch!

I had an awesome workout yesterday that included 1200 skips with a jump rope!!!  It was brutally hot outside but the workout was so good it made the time pass quickly and get the sweat dripping.  Give this workout a try…you can start with fewer jumps and build up:
-100 skips with a jump rope
-5 reverse pushups or regular push ups
-100 skips
-5 push ups or pike presses if you’ve already done pushups (bring feet closer to hands then in regular push up, bring forehead to ground)
-100 skips
-5 sit ups
-100 skips
-5 pike jumps (get in pushup position and walk feet closer to hands so your body is in an inverted v, with hands stationary, jump feet side to side, kicking feet up towards your butt with every jump)
-100 skips
-20 jump squats
repeat this sequence 3 times.  Have plenty of water on hand and time yourself to see how fast you can complete this.  Try to beat 20:56.  Let me know your time!

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