Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun Saturday

Running at Glacier before Molly got there, we ran about 3 and I did 2 for a total of 5 miles. So fun running with friends, it makes the miles pass so quickly. We missed Jess, she had to work the night before.

Totally worth waking up early for this sunrise.

The dock at Glacier Ridge. 

Fun at the Forever Home Event. Our friend Ann coordinated it and did an amazing job. Ava and Grace watching the little animal. 


Baby ducks at Glacier Ridge

We had a fun Saturday last week. I met Molly for a run at Glacier Ridge at 7:30 am and did a couple of miles beforehand since i got there around 7 am. So nice running with someone and we talked and the miles flew by.

Saturdays were my long run days, but I haven't been doing as many since the girls and I were sick this weekend. Really jealous of Brandon who got 8 miles in on Saturday. You know what my goal is now for this week's long run.

After I got home around 8:30 am from the run, we showered and got ready to go to COSI for Ann's Forever Home event. We had a great time, the girls loved the animals and face painting. It was also neat to learn more about CASA, foster programs and adoption.  I really admire parents who have a heart for adoption or fostering a child. What a great event.

We finished the day off at Phillips Coney Island in Franklinton. We love going here for the dogs and the cheap meals! And the waitresses are so friendly. You feel like you are in Mayberry. We got coney dogs, coke and original fries. Our whole bill was around $12. Nice.

After a nap, we left the girls with Desiree and went to Brio for dinner and Roll to take Brandon's bikes in for a tune-up. I kept on telling Brandon I beat his dinner, the shrimp risotto was amazing. Best thing I have ever eaten there. Mmm.

We had a busy but fun Sat. last week. This week, we lounged and Brandon did a long run. How nice it was to lounge around get some family time at home.

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