Monday, June 27, 2011

Five Acre Woods

Making a map with your kids

Cars 2 came out last week. However, I am more excited about "Winnie the Pooh" opening July 15. It's got really great reviews and is only 69 min., quick enough for a toddler to watch and not lose interest.


Ava, Sophia and I were going to do a bike ride with trailer on Friday, but sometimes the girls balk at getting in the trailer for long rides. We did about 7 miles around our neighborhood.

We had watched "Winnie the Pooh" from our library that day so I made both of the girls maps detailing our route and they got to pick out where we were based on the map. We had the Christopher Robin field (lots of robins and dragonflies), gently waving pond, schools, 5 acre woods, Singing Woods, etc. This was a great idea that you could use for summer road trips, bike rides, walks, etc. And i might or might not have raced a runner on the way back. :)

Map of the Hundred Acre Woods

Hundred Acre Woods map

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