Monday, June 06, 2011

Amish country

Taking a tourist pic by the hitching post. Stanky.
I was afraid we would get in trouble for taking this sweet little girl's picture, but Becca was able to get it. I love her little face peeking out through the back window. 

Hanover was where Brandon grew up. He still has fond memories and can't relate to flat, flat Plain City. 

Mom took us to Hershberger Country Store to show us some amazing deals on household stuff. Spoons for $1.! It's also a non-tourist shop that locals go to. 

Mom and Becca checking out oven timers. 

Mom, our fearless Amish country tour guide. We were in the car almost 5 hours! We all konked out that night. 

The amish kitchen-aid, "Little Dutch Maid." It's not pink or electric like my Kitchen-aide.

My sister Becca and the book, "Not Without My Daughter"

Handcrafted ice cream makers that were around $200! 

love this. The barns all featured a quilt pattern on them, some supported by the Ohio Art Council. My mom has the #7 quilt pattern in her house. 

Best cheese place ever! Tourists abound!

For some reason, this picture spoke to me: "The Birds"

Mrs. Yoders, "Thank you for the best broasted chicken ever, you made me cry it was so good."

Covert picture of our amish great Aunt and Uncles house 

We had a great time visiting Amish country in early May with my Mom and Becca. We traveled all over the different cities including, Sugarcreek, Berlin, New Bedford, etc. and ate ice cream, broasted chicken and cheese. It was so good! 

The weather was unbelievable, around 80 and clear and bright. My mom did a great job showing us everything and telling us to drive around horse and buggies. I loved their simple life and their beautiful gardens and homes. 

We also visited two country stores and looked for Dutch Blitz cards. It was nice to visit our relatives and to get to talk with them for a bit. The best part was spending girl time with Mom and Becca. Such a great day and a great family.

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