Thursday, June 23, 2011


My sister in Colorado, God's country :), wrote this amazing story in her church's magazine. Love it! Jessie is a great leader in MOPS and a wonderful mom and sissy.

She wrote a great article describing MOPS in her area that reaches many, many moms who need Connection and Christ.

Thanks for sharing Jess. Awesome article.

From her article

So what is mops? ladies who love to clean? Crazy man-bashers? no, neither. mothers of preschoolers (mops) exists to help every mom be the best she can be. We grow through speakers, creative activities, delicious brunches, and sharing with other women who are at the same place in life. it is all about Connection.

Empowerment comes as we see there are other women who struggle...and overcome. our ladies come from all beliefs and walks of life. in the name of Jesus, we welcome every mom with open arms.

“...i actually Got buzzed after beinG With these Women... like too much caffeine, but in a Good Way.”

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