Wednesday, April 06, 2011

You win some, you lose some

This week I tried out some new recipes including Giada's veggie lasagna with organic wheat pasta and a recipe for a rocky road rice krispy bars.

You know sometimes you have a great week trying out new recipes. You work and work and your family salivates as you bring the steaming hot lasagna to the table...

Well, this week was not one of them. Brandon looked longingly at the lasagna and said almost in a hushed voice used in church, "I really love sausage in my lasagna."

I mean, you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the sausage out of the lasagna.

You will make wheat lasagna that no one wants to eat -- including you.

Tuesday I tried to make rice krispy bars, but for some reason the entire bottom fell off. Was it the Krema peanut butter I used? The bars were chocolate, marshmallow and about five rice krispy kernels.

I am still eating these, they are good! 

Was it the arugula and beans that did it in?

Oh Giada, you have never steered me wrong before!

No use crying over spilled milk
What was your week like? 


Allison said...

How was the Spanish chicken and rice?

Erin said...

We really liked the chicken and rice! I didn't use tumeric so I bet it would be even better if I had that spice! How did your granola turn out?

Allison said...

Loved by all. I had it yogurt yesterday and it was delicious. Zane had it as cereal and it was a little too heavy for an early morning meal. Soren keeps asking for it as a snack - SCORE - thank you! What else ya got!!!????!!!

Ali said...

Try Giada's spicy pesto. Holy moly. YUM.

Brandon said...

Ali - I will! Is it really spicy? You inspired me with your cooking everything on Sat. I have been trying to cook ahead as much as possible on Saturdays to make the weeknights easier!

Erin said...

that was me under Brandon's name by the way. :)