Thursday, April 21, 2011

Syrian pita bread

Syrian pita bread (Food and Wine for Kitchenaide mixer)

Rolling dough out

Ava loved taking the little dough balls and making her own pita bread.

Work fast! The bread starts to rise again while under the wrapper. 
I love to try a new food project once a week. Last week I conquered risotto, finally! During the last winter, we loved trying things that the girls would help with to take some time up. Winter days can be l-o-n-g.

Glad it's spring.

Anyways, this recipe is so fun to do with kids. They can't mess it up and it's really good to have them help you to encourage them to try it later. I used a recipe from Food and Wine.

Don't be afraid of using yeast. Yeast is really easy. You let it flower in a bowl and don't touch it. Don't even swirl the bowl. Just let it be. And try to use warm, but not hot water. Hot water will kill the yeast.

Now, go conquer this recipe!

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