Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our daily bread

Right now in our cupboard we have exactly one bagel left. It's one piece of bread for today. I could go and get more, but it's symbolic of God's daily reminder that He gives us just enough for each day. 

Pastor Mike has been preaching on simplicity and finances (The Second Thing: Money) and how God wants us to have a relationship with Him that encourages us to daily pray and ask for our needs -- whether they are financial, emotional, relational, etc.. 

And how He doesn't give us enough for this week because God uses that need to draw us closer to Him. Would we go to Him if He supplied everything we need for a month? Probably not.  

And then I read an excerpt where Beth Moore also talks about this concept as well. The children of Israel tried to stockpile their extra manna and it rotted. And that got me asking, am I trying to store extra supply that God wants me to use today? 

Sometimes it's really easy to get caught up in our self reliance and I forget to ask God for our needs. 

In the book "Secrets of the Secret Place" author Bob Sorge talks about how Jesus tested Philip among the crowds of hungry people (John 6:5-6) by asking him where they would get food to feed all of the people. Philip replied from an earthly level by replying that the disciples would need about a years salary to buy food for all of these people. 

Sorge says Jesus was like, "Philip, I have this now!" "I can do anything -- I have riches upon heavenly riches!"  

How cool would it be if  I could always have that vision. A heavenly vision of Christ's glory here on earth. 

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LOVE this.