Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rain, Rain go away.

The sunrise was really pretty on Tuesday. I took this running in our neighborhood.

Brandon gelling it up before work. 

I really like getting my miles in before breakfast. Easy three mile run around our neighborhood. 

Sophia sitting with me before Brandon left for work. 

The girls and I visiting our park. 

The girls were outside with me while I stretched watching birds in the front. 

I wonder where she got the idea for this?

Ava doing some digging. 

Sophia loving the puddles. I don't have a picture but she proceeded to bend down and lick the water. MMM--a great way to get in much needed minerals. 

This might be totally off target, but I love our trash guys, or sanitation administrators, if that's the more pc term. If we can't get the trash out before 7 am, they will come around again and get it for you if you put it out. How nice is that? Is that usual?

The weather in Cbus has been straight up windy and rainy. It's about 50 today with a chilly wind. Last night Brandon and I were afraid we would get a midnight tornado because the winds were so fierce. There is sunshine today, however, which makes me really happy. 
And feeling like getting my cleaning on.
Sophia and Ava digging in the sandbox.

Soph was looking at an ant. 

The pear tree is flowering. Ava asked if it had snow on it. 

These are my great-grandmother's irises that I replanted from my mom's garden. The cool thing is that they come up every year around Mother's Day. 

My dad built this bird feeder for us when we moved here. I love the suet packs on each side and going with the girls to Wild Birds to see Walter the cat. Walter isn't always interested in seeing the girls though. 

Ava asked for pigtails today. She said she had to do something with her hair. 

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