Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter fun

My sweet neighbor called us up to invite us to her Easter egg hunt, baskets included! What a great time. 

Ava counting her haul. 

Really, she had fun. Can't you tell? Sophia was fun to watch because she took twice as long to pick up eggs as Ava. I kept on having to hurry her up. 

Landyn, Bryant, Ava and Sophia after their egg hunting. 

Ava with her Tangled coloring book. I simply love the no-mess coloring books. My furniture is safe from Sophia's little hands. 

The girls after finding their Easter baskets on Easter morning. They love to ask for a candy-filled egg each day. Brandon and I stuffed them the night before with Brandon stuffing them as full as he could. 

Serious model face Ava. 

Easter parade. 

Brandon after church getting ready to go to Aunt Rita's house for our ham feast. What a cutie....

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