Sunday, December 27, 2009

January birthdays

I got some sweet knives this year for my christmas/birthday. Yes, my birthday is Jan. 13 almost two weeks after Christmas. Sometimes it got a little dicy growing up, because usually with five kids and Christmas, it was cutting it close to all of the holiday fun.

One of my favorite birthdays was my 16th birthday. My dad finished our basement just for my party and we watched movies, ate tons of food all while it was snowing outside. It was January after all.

Well, the snow started piling up and before you knew it we had a real snowstorm. Parents had trouble picking up their kids and some even came on a tractor to get them. I will never forget Kevin Cutler's mom and dad saying, "You told me the wrong road!" Ha. They never let me live that down after driving around trying to find our house.

Anyways, I have tried them and love them. Brandon said he is going to have to change how he cuts now because they are so good. You cut things in half the time.

Here is a really helpful video on sharpening knives. I found out you need to wipe knives after you sharpen to clean the metal pieces that come off during sharpening.


Peace and Love,


Ali said...

What kind of knives? We have a set of Wusthofs that are fantastic.

Brandon said...

hey ali! brandon got me a set of wusthofs for christmas/birthday and yes, i love them. i didn't realize you could have sharp knives. ha. i had really dull ones.

Ali said...

Thanks for posting . . . it reminded me to ask Matt about our knives. I have no idea how to sharpen, and I had no idea when they needed sharpened. Thanks for the tip - we are doing a bit of knife sharpening research.