Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving week recap

Ava and Ethan riding on the John Deere Gator, Ethan's (2) birthday present.
Good morning!

Our Thanksgiving week was fun, restful and well, full. Yes, I know that's not the correct grammar, but it just seems to describe what our week was like since we have had pie for every major meal, including snacks. yum!

We had Thanksgiving at our Aunt Chris' and the turkey, mashed taters and multiple side dishes were amazing. Usually, we play boys vs. girls trivia pursuit, but this year we did not. Shaun told many stories and we just made fun of each other (in good fun). It's always really nice to get to share the holidays with family and we are really enjoy our fam.

Ava got to play with her cousin Nicky for the whole day and we didn't see her except when she was getting fed brownies by the "aunts."

Brandon and the girls visited Luke, Kelly, Ethan and Charlotte Saturday morning, while I worked out at the Dublin Rec Center. I really enjoy working out now and it's my mommy time. I figure it's cheaper than shopping and better on my waist than eating out every time. ha.

But, can I tell you, the workout was tough. I came out sweaty and tired. It was nice working out with Amber. It makes you really have to go and not make excuses when someone else is going with you.

The girls
Sophia has been on a kissing kick. She loves to pucker and kiss. She is down to a half feeding at night and almost weaned. I am trying to wean her slowly, espcially since she has a cold. She loves to cruise and take a step on Friday.
Ava has so many new words--some good and some bad.
As in: "Sophia, I hate this song."
"Is that what you are wearing dad? Cool!"
She also used awesome the other day. Is she a teenager?
This is Sophia's birthday week. She is one (holy moses) on Dec. 8. We are having a family party for her this Saturday for her and I can't wait to see her tear into the cake.
It is a little bitter sweet to see all of the baby things in the basement. It seems like this has been the longest year and then it seems so quick. I can't believe how quickly she has grown up.
She is such a mommy's girl still though, so I am okay for awhile!