Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Light Lane for bikes at night

This has to be the sweetest gadget I have seen. A light lane is made on the road for bikers who commute to work.

I recently rode my bike to vote at our precinct around seven and it was dark. In our subdivision I was ok, but by the time I was on the road, I felt really vulnerable. After a quick 5-minute trek to the church on road, I was regretting riding at night. I just hated driving there when it was only a little ways.

Both Brandon and I like to bike. Brandon's idea of fun is riding from Marysville to Plain City. He does it in 45 minutes or so and is super fast. I am not that fast. But, I do wish we had more bike lanes in Marysville.

He also is a stickler for bike rules. Like, don't ride on the sidewalk around him--it drives him nuts. Or the proper way to show cars you are turning right (no, it's not putting your right hand out--I was wrong). To make a right turn, use your left hand and point it up at the elbow and down with your forearm. Left turns are shown by raising your left hand.

And did you know that traffic rules were first made for bikes? So, when you are biking ride with traffic as if you were a car.

Have fun!