Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Swim lessons

Ava and Ty shivering. Ty and Ava have been little buddies since they were 4-months old.
Brandon and Ava in the pool together.

Ava waiting for her turn to swim with Katie, the instructor.
Ava splashing.

Ava and Sophia are taking swim lessons this spring with Tate and Ty, our little buddies. Shannen got som really great photos of Ava at her swim class last Saturday. She is in level 4 with Ty and has been taking them since she was little. She enjoys blowing bubbles in the water, kicking and splashing. She does not like being cold when they have to sit on the side of the pool and wait for the instructor. Brandon has been taking her to a lot of the classes. She has two more and then she is done! She will probably be in this class for a couple more times as they want the kids to become more independant.


Empie said...

Wow, that is so great! She looks so comfortable in the pool, and she looks like such a big girl. What a cutie!

Matt and Evie Stark said...

I love swim class! Noah is taking one now too. Ava is so precious!