Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zuchinni pizza

Here is my take on making my favorite lunch...Pizza!
Whole wheat zuchinni pizzas
Take a whole wheat pita.
Add pizza sauce, cheese, onions and thin slices (very thin) of zuchinni and broil until bubbly. Yum!


Ali said...

We met, once, at the Dublin Rec, I think. Anyway, I also attend Vista, and I stumbled across your blog through Denise's, I think.
I love that we have a network of blogging moms! Ain't it fun?
Oh, and that zucchini pizza - holy yum!
I'll see you Sunday.

Erin said...

hi! So nice to see you on here! I loved your posts! How do you edit your blog? your's is fancy!:) see you sunday!