Monday, February 16, 2009

Sophia is 10 weeks today

Little bear, Sophia Jane, is 10 weeks and cooing loudly
Sophia Momma Mia as we call her is 10-weeks-old today. She is cooing now and loves her play mat, which has a mirror that she loves. It seems that Ava loves to come and kick her playfully, which we are working on. It's kind've getting to be fun to see them interact though. Ava loves "sissy" and says, "Sorry baby!" everytime she accidentally (or intentionally) hits her. Hmm. Brandon says that what she says the most!

Sophia and I took a nap together today and it just amazed me how good God is to our family. We have such a great family, and I am really thankful for everything we have been given. She is getting so big. Sophia is now around 11.5 lbs. She is wearing 3 month clothes and has the chubbiest cheeks and fat rolls on her little thighs.

We had pictures from the orphanage in Cambodia shown in church on Sunday. While they were showing all of the children that were there, I just looked at Sophia and thought how lucky we were to be able to provide for our children. I pray that those children have parents that are able to provide for them.

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