Monday, February 16, 2009

potty training strike

Well, my dear little Ava has selected diapers over big girl pants. I am not going to push the potty training until she is ready (ie. not screaming while on the toilet). I may try again this week.

I was a little down because she had successfully gone all day the day before she had a potty strike. She simply refused to sit down on the potty and we were dragging her kicking and screaming. Needless to say that's a little too much for me to handle with a 9-week-old who is having a growth spurt and eating every 1.5 hours. Last week was rough. But hey, God is full of grace. Funny thing. That was the message last week at church.

Man, if you are a parent, you will realize you are weak all of the time. Before you are a parent you say things like, "I will never spank my kid," or "my kid will never do that!" I guess it's God's way of refining us and making us like him.

what a great verse to remember: WHATEVER YOU DID UNTO ONE OF THE LEAST,YOU DID UNTO ME


Empie said...

That is so true that being a parent makes us aware of our own weaknesses. All we can do is rely on God every moment. And ask for His wisdom, which I find myself doing all the time. Don't worry about the potty training. You're doing the right thing. Pushing her will probably make it worse. When she is ready, it won't be that hard. ...And remember, your value as a mother does not depend on what age your child does or does not potty train. :) I say that with a smile, because I think we moms can fall into that trap with lots of things with our kids.
Love you,

Lisa said...

It is so funny what how our little girls can test us. Ella, I thought for sure, was potty training/trained. She excitingly pooped and peed on the potty calling her grandparents and getting treats, and even telling us when she needed to go, now she won't go near the potty. And always says no when we ask her if she wants to go potty, even with special prizes in view. Oh well, no rush, she won't wear diapers her whole life. I don't remember any of my friends in diapers in Kindergarten, ha! It will be easier this spring/summer anyways with dresses and skirts. Hang in there...there are many moms in your same place.
Lisa Wadsworth

Aurelia said...

Erin...hey I clicked on your name from the comment you left me on my blog and was pleasantly surprised to find yours! I will have to add it to my list of things to read each day or so! Your girls are beautiful you are truly blessed. Isn't parenthood so much fun, despite the overwhelmingness, stress, worry etc... Enjoy every moment my dear!