Thursday, November 13, 2008

35 week check up

35 weeks and dropping
I had my 35 week checkup today. It seemed to go well. I am about 1 cm dialated and 50 percent effaced. The nurse also said Sophia has dropped and that she could feel the baby (boys, sorry if TMI, but you are reading a prego blog).

It was really nice to have Brandon with me at the doctors because he helped with Ava. She loves going and likes to make the sound of the blood pressure taker thingy. She goes, "S" "S" "S." She also loves to try to get into the biohazard trash can. She was so cute in her little pink tights and pink outfit. She gave sophia lots of kisses, while we were listening to the heartbeat and was watching me the whole time.

Today she got a sucker and I got a flu shot. I think she got the better deal.

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