Thursday, September 18, 2008

"apple picking"

Ty and Ava loved the apples and called them "balls."

Shannon, Ty, Ava and I at Lynd's Fruit Farm. Shannon and I are due a month apart.

This was the closest we got to apple picking behind the farm by the outhouses. He. he.

Shannon and I wanted to take Ava and Ty apple picking this week, but by the time we got there, they were both tuckered out. So, we just picked up some of the yum apples, along with some apple cider, concord grapes (yum) and other good stuff at Lynd's Fruit Farm.

According to Lynds, most of the apples will last for many months in your fridge!

The farm is about 15 minutes from Easton Town Center and has various apples you can pick, but only on the weekends. Lynds does sell all of their veggies and fruits during the week.

Here are some of our pictures. Enjoy!

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