Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So ava's name is so easy to say, or she has sipped love potion no. 9, because every little boy that meets her can't stop saying "ABA!" Ha. But, really little cousin ethan loves to say "ABA" so much that Kelly was like, "Erin, he won't stop saying her name!" And she saw her little friend, Jack, at the mall, and he loved saying, "ABA!"

Ethan and Ava are so cute when they are around each other. Ava and E-man rush to each other, hug and say, "Baby!" (so cute that they call each other baby!) And when Ava was crying the other night Ethan put his arm around Ava and hugged her. He's so cute.

Anyways, life is good. Weather is getting more tolerable (think 80s). I simply can't wait for fall!

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