Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas season

So blogging has really taken a backseat lately to moving, showing our house, flying to Phoenix, going to Richmond twice to hunt for houses and getting ready for Christmas.

This last month has felt like trains, planes and automobiles. C to the Crazy.

We have a beautiful snowcapped landscape outside and I just put some birdfeed outside for the little guys. The girls are playing with the couch cushions as Brandon sweeps the couch.

It's crazy. I wonder if people get used to being insanely busy and have withdrawals when a quiet season permeates their lives. Because honestly, I am longing for quiet weeks.

We had a great Christmas this year. The girls and Ryder got up early and opened presents and we read the Christmas story. After presents we had brunch at my family's house and then presents, naps and ate again. We made some yummy lamp chops that will be even better next time. First time making them!

Mom made some awesome app and some polenta. Then we played telestrations. Hilarious.

Merry Christmas from the Shmidts 

Christmas dinner prep with mom 

Looking at the amazing amount of lights at a house close to moms. 

Lukie, Becca, me and Ryder and Kelly 

Cousins! Ethan, Sophia, Charlie, Ava and Ryder on Christmas morning

Poppa and his new scarf

Ryder and his new cars and trucks - it's Made in USA and is wooden and he loves it. 

Sweet Ry Ry 

My math nerd husband (:) j/k) and the girls left a note for Santa. Notice the graph paper. 

The girls on Christmas morning. So pumped. 

Momma and Poppa Shmidt visited us and we had a great time! 

Ava and Sophia at the living nativity at my parent's church. 

Ava is ready to sing in the choir at our church's play, Graced.

Ava cried the day after Graced was over because she loved singing so much in it. 
Sophia at her last gymnastics session. 

We made peppermint milk this year. Milk + candy cane = amazing peppermint pink milk. 

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