Friday, August 17, 2012

Picture Friday

Little Ryder is now 11 weeks old. This is a 9-month shirt from the Winklers and it fits! So cute. Ryder is now grabbing for objects, cooing, talking and loves his sisters. They make him laugh/cry (Soph).

Someday these feet will look so small. 

Soph and Ava like to watch for me to come back from the trail on my runs. I snapped this picture because it was so darn cute. They love saying, "good job mom!" 

I did it! Before my 10-miler. It was hard, I was tired, but I kept going.  

Ryder worn out from a long day of back-to-school shopping. #girlsareexpensive! 

Ava is our big collector. She loves to collect things like roly pollies, apples at Coffman park, acorns, leaves, etc.. For a fun game, Ava likes to count the cars going by and diagram how many have gone by based on color and size. Future actuary like daddy? Brandon said he used to do this with his baseball cards. 

I hate to use the word "destroyer" because as our pastor's wife and my mom says we should use words of life. So let's just use the word recycler." Soph finds a way to take or cut or empty everything she should not to "repurpose" it. The other day she "dusted" my nightstand with lotion. And she has cut her own hair, swallowed a penny, and cut her other baby dolls hair numerous times. She has the sweetest heart though and you can't stay upset with her for too long.

Sophia brought up "breakfast in bed" for me last Saturday.

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